i know: secrets from the secrets company

 We asked the i know all the secrets in my world company what secrets they knew..


keisha amponsa banson: performer

secret “I used to have lumps on my little fingers where a sixth finger was supposed to be. I had them removed age six.”


gamba cole: performer

secret “I can’t put my legs together!”


solomon israel: performer

secret “I once played the song ‘dry your eyes mate’ by the streets on repeat for a whole day because I saw the girl I fancied kiss someone else.”


natalie ibu: writer and director

secret “I struggle with Shakespeare. I like to think we were dating in high school and then we decided to see other people and now we sort of run into each other but too much time has gone past.”


alyson cummins: designer

secret “…wouldn’t you like to know…”


annie-lunnette deakin-foster: movement director

secret “I was a cheeky little child and managed to sneak around one of my parents famous Christmas parties and snuck a sip of a few guests’ alcoholic beverages! Needless to say I gave myself alcohol poisoning at age 5!”


ajjaz awad-ibrahim: production runner

secret “I only learnt to ride a bike this year.”


emily ida: stage manager

secret “I couldn’t watch bam I when I was younger because it was too scary.”


sarah cowan: production manager

secret “I once had a crush on Dieter Brummer.”

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