programme: i know all the secrets in my world

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produced by tiata fahodzi in association with Watford Palace Theatre












gamba cole

keisha amponsa banson

solomon israel

 creative team


writer and director                      


lighting designer 

movement director                     

sound designer                         


production manager                    

stage manager                           

production runner                       

set builders                              

natalie ibu

alyson cummins

azusa ono

annie-lunnette deakin-foster

simon mccorry

louise stephens for We Are Magpie

sarah cowan

emily ida

ajjaz awad-ibrahim

Watford Palace Theatre


i know all the secrets in my world is a play about what happens when speaking is impossible… a story that breaks your heart and pieces it together, putting plasters touched with tiny kisses over the cracks.  i know… is a duet between a father and son in their familial home after the bricks come crashing down around them following the loss of their wife and mother.  A journey of sound and movement, it moves through their grief and meditates on fantasy, gender roles, disconnection, absence and the permanence of love.  i know… is a multi-love story about men, women, fathers and sons.


Cindy Claes, CLF Café, Andrew French, Jaekwan Hunte-Jarrett, Islington Community Theatre, Nathan Lang, Sylvia Mann, Stella Moss, Nimer Rashed, Theatre Peckham, The Albany, Watford Palace Theatre


tiata fahodzi is the UK’s leading African theatre company and this year we embarked – with fresh leadership and a fresh vision – on an exciting new phase in our mission to reflect the changing African diaspora in contemporary Britain.  Over the next three years, you’ll have opportunities to see our work in different contexts and at different stages of development. After festival season we’ll be taking over Watford Palace Theatre on 7  november with tiata delights: our day festival of workshops and performances and in the spring we’ll be touring i know… nationwide. Our commitment to sharing work as early as possible means you’ll get to see the work being born in rehearsal rooms as well as on beautiful stages across Britain.  You’ll get to know us – and each other – better through our new digital activity and be part of a national conversation about what it means to live in Britain, here and now.


you should know…
Watch our youtube channel for the first trailer and for video diaries. Follow us across social media, use /tiatafahodzi and #tiataiknow as your guides.




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