i know: video diary / annie-lunnette deakin-foster



annie-lunnette deakin-foster is a choreographer, rehearsal director and movement director. For the past decade she has been working within the dance sector – teaching, performing, choreographing, creating production concepts, as well as assisting well known choreographers in the field and establishing her own company, C-12 Dance Theatre. Career highlights include: choreographic assisting Jeanefer Jean-Charles on Bolero Remixed (2010), in collaboration with the New London Orchestra and over 70 performers assisting award-winning Australian choreographer Shaun Parker on Trolleys (2012), which won the Argus Award for “Artistic Excellence”, and provided the opportunity to travel twice to Australia to remount the work at Awesome Festival, Perth 2013, and Art & About, Sydney 2014; being shortlisted for the 2013 New Adventures Choreographic Award; choreographing a music video for Crystal Fighters, Love Alight, 2014; movement direction for the BBC for their Easter Religion & Ethics celebrations of The Great North Passion, 2014; consecutively receiving National Lottery Grant for the Arts funding award for creative projects: The Van Man (2012), Shhh! (2013), Market Stall (2014) and Sherlock R&D (2015).

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