Bants, walks and trips to the Tate: it’s just another #tfhq diaspora date

Administrator Bhavini gives us the low down on diaspora dates, #tfhq’s alternative to Jägers at the pub with Linda from HR.  


“When you work in the King George V Playing Fields in Holywell, West Watford there’s very little to do after work – don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing better for my self-care and focus than my daily 5-mile commute however, when the team is making stuff happen on all corners of the tube map (and, very soon, the world) it’s difficult to get together every Friday evening and celebrate another hard week’s work changing the face of theatre as done-diddly-dooddly-done. 


This is why we started diaspora dates. The idea came from AD Natalie – with her knack for alliteration, a desire to show up and TUN UP for our fellow diaspora folk and the realisation that, actually, we do this anyway so let’s make it an official monthly company shoobs.  


Every month, we nominate a team member to choose an event for us to go to – this could be anything so long as it’s within the region, under a tenner and not theatre (this ain’t no busman’s holiday). Then, I, as the admin-logistics-scheduling-cog, look up tickets, how to get there and send out an invite from our global calendar with all of the information – simples. We then spend the rest of the time getting excited about our plans, co-ordinating outfits and counting down the days. 


We’ve been diaspora-dating since June now, and here are the amazing things we’ve been to:


  • June: Natalie chose Reni Eddo-Lodge in conversation with Varaidzo
  • July: Dushant chose Tate Lates: Soul of a Nation
  • [We took a brief pause in August because, well, Edinburgh]
  • September: I chose the gal-dem print launch for their second edition ‘Home’ 
  • October: Dushant chose the screening of Grace Jones’ new documentary Bloodlight and Bami on Wednesday at Watford Vue (we do like to keep it local once in a while) 
  • November: we’re taking another pause while Natalie goes on her international trip (but you might see pics of me and Anastasia on a cheeky diaspora date)
  • December: Just you wait, init.


I love our diaspora dates because, despite spending the majority of my waking hours with my colleagues, I get to know them differently when we’re having a laugh together out in the world; I cherish this time to be our best selves in a more social context. I also love how different each of the diaspora dates have been – there’s so much diversity within the diversity of the diaspora. But most of all, I feel lucky to be walking the streets with my colleagues, proud to be part of a POC-led and LGBT-led theatre company. 


A few snaps from our previous dates… 

bhavini goyate is the administrator at tiata fahodzi. 

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