behind the scenes: good dog trailer

On the 31 August #tfhq left the office – a rare delight – to film the trailer for good dog, our spring 2017 production written by British-Nigerian Arinzé Kene. We took over the Kennington/Oval area, amidst London noises and atmosphere, to bring Kene’s script to life. We caught up with actress and producer Desara Bosnja, who recounted her day playing the ‘What What Girl’ and being reunited with the Ugg wearing 14 year old of times gone by…


I was so excited and honoured when Natalie asked me to be a part of the trailer for good dog; one because it meant working with Natalie again and two because it meant supporting a piece written by a very talented friend of mine, Arinz‎é Kene. It also made for a great change from spending a day producing and looking at a laptop screen.

We congregated at a cool café in Kennington (rather embarrassingly I forgot what it was called – but if I look through my bank statements I’m sure I can find it because I practically bought every smoothie on the menu). That was our meeting point/green room/resting ground – poor Kennington, didn’t know what had hit it.

I played ‘What What Girl’, which Natalie described as being ‘fearless, on trend for the time, just a little bit sexy, tough, road gyal’  I was flattered.

My costume was a grey hoodie, red gilet, denim jeans, and Uggs. The last time I wore Ugg boots, I was 14 and I would match them with my scarf and wear them with a velour tracksuit so it brought back lots of memories.

The team were shooting all day but I was done by 2pm. That’s one of the great things about filming, once your scenes are shot – you’re free to go – which is different to theatre. I almost felt spoilt because all I really did was get dressed up, feel nostalgic, drink smoothies and walk out of an off-license. It’s a hard life being an actor!’


If you’d like to catch Desara’s scene as ‘What What Girl’ – have a look at the trailer. good dog will be kicking off at Watford Palace Theatre in February 2017 – if that’s not local to you not to worry, we’ll be announcing more tour dates soon.

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