generation afropolitan: we are here

‘Afropolitans cannot be made singular and enjoy the privilege of multiplicity in all ways, including geography, which are absent from our storytelling and yet they have something to say to us all – in this post-Brexit time – about the possibilities for our lives, relationships and work when the world chooses to say yes to mobility and multiplicity.’ – Natalie Ibu 


In November 2017, Artistic Director Natalie visited five cities in three continents and conducted interviews with 33 African diaspora artists, asking them where they’re from, where they’re local and what home means to them. 


‘The Arts Council and British Council’s Artist International Development Fund supported research trip is the very first stage of what, I hope, will be an ambitious and far-reaching multi-form performance – that exists online and off – about the multi-local Afropolitan existence and asking questions about whether a fearless approach to boundaries, a global outlook and a floating mobile concept of home are particular to the diaspora and the legacy of immigrant parents.’ Natalie Ibu


To understand what a multi-local Afropolitan existence looks like, we listened back to each interview, caught all of the locations mentioned by the interviewees and made a map (with the help of Google). Amongst 33 African diaspora from five cities in three countries, we recorded 734 locations, ranging from the local Starbucks in Baltimore to the Indian Ocean, proving the depth, richness and multiplicity of the African diaspora. 



generation afropolitan was made possible through the British Council and Arts Council’s Artists’ International Development Fund

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