guest blog: dushant’s first week

I’m at the end of my first week at tiata fahodzi and despite the weather, it’s been a fresh start after finishing my BA in Drama at Queen Mary, University of London just last month. I’ve already seen so much of Watford – from walking in and around the town centre (where we had a lovely dinner at Bill’s) and my daily journey to Holywell, West Watford, where #tfhq is based. Until now, I’d only been to Watford to visit the Hare Krishna temple; now that I’ve been to other areas, it’s great to see that other parts of the city are just as green. The Ebury Way trail is just as beautiful as the team said it would be – it’s by far the nicest walk to #tfhq (but a scary cycle journey which I’m sure I’ll get the hang of pretty soon…).

My first week has been about learning what tiata fahodzi is getting up to this year and I’m really excited to be part of making it happen. From taking Nathan Bryon’s show mixed brain to Edinburgh, to creating new ways of engaging new audiences online and offline – it’s going to be a busy nine months.

In just one week of working at tiata fahodzi, I’ve grabbed lots of opportunities to see work on behalf of the company – I was lucky enough to visit Talawa firsts, a great festival put on by Talawa, our Sustained Theatre partners. I saw some performances and I had the chance to take part in a writing workshop and a movement workshop. I also went to my first press night to see Hir by Taylor Mac at The Bush Theatre, where I posed for my very first picture for the #tfhq gram.













In all this time, I’ve walked for 8 hours (#tfhq are big walkers) worked for 40, and I’ve been enjoying every minute. I’ve learnt a lot about tiata fahodzi’s vision for the future of British theatre and I’m thrilled to be a part of making that vision come true. I’m also really excited to be gramming and tweeting for #tfhq, so watch this space…

Dushant Patel is the Trainee Audience Engagement Assistant Producer. She’ll be tweeting, gramming and sending out our monthly newsletters – make sure you like, follow and sign up.


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