guest post: the first job of many firsts / bhavini goyate

This week our beloved Administrator Bhavini is leaving #tfhq to join the Young Vic as their Administration Assistant. On her last day, she reflects on her first job in the theatre industry. 


‘I got my job at tiata fahodzi whilst I was backpacking in Canada last year – with one fantastic year at Paines Plough as their Creative Access Trainee Administrator under my belt, I was hopeful I would get a job once I returned back to the UK and got on the job search – but I was recruited as tiata fahodzi’s Administrator on the second week of my two-month adventure and I spent the rest of my time abroad anticipating my exciting future ahead. 


tiata fahodzi was my first grown up, net-salary, omg-tax-jacked-me-like, proper job and with it came a lot of firsts. It was my first time:


assistant producing. I was honoured to Assistant Produce our spring 2017 world premiere of good dog by Arinzé Kene. In my job interview I said I wanted to get into producing and, within a year, I earned a producing credit and resilience through taxing producer-related tasks:



tweeting, properly. I went from #oneannualtweetonmyownaccount for five years to bussin’ out (minimum) three tweets a day on the TF twitter, with a plethora of gifs, bants and our followers questioning how on earth Natalie has the time to tweet for TF because, little did they know, I managed to appropriate her tone of voice for TF’s;


no need for an embedded tweet here, just breeze through tiata fahodzi’s Twitter to see my bants, init. 


fundraising. With my new-found tweeting powers I helped to raised [input figure] to support audience engagement around good dog;


managing an executive diary. I can now tell you the best trains to get from Watford Junction to Euston in the morning and recommend vegan / gluten free restaurants in Edinburgh, Oslo, Johannesburg, Baltimore, Los Angeles and New York (cc #tfhqsees and generation afropolitan);



co-ordinating a storage space upgrade. I (and two helpful movers) moved three years worth of props, set and costumes from St Albans to Hemel Hempstead – no Bhavs were hurt in the process; 



working on an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation application which…received 43% additional uplift. Here’s me working on the application in #tfhq’s nighttime spot Bill’s Watford with Natalie on a late February evening (with snacks, obvs);     



getting onto a diverse leadership programme. As well as helping to create the website and managing the blog, I joined the Artistic Director Leadership Programme to change the face of British theatre as a Leader of Tomorrow;



making a vegan / gluten free carrot cake for the first of many TF potlucks;



getting to properly know Hertfordshire – a hop skip and an Overground from my hometown – and realising just how beautiful it is;



and last, but not least, working in a 100% women-of-colour team and feeling the true force, empowerment and importance of seeing yourself reflected in the industry.


These experiences have paved the way for what I hope will be – a long and fruitful career in the subsidised theatre industry. tiata fahodzi has a unique and beautiful gift for giving loads of people their first jobs and I couldn’t be more honoured to join their wall of flames (my own term, obvs).


So long, TF, it’s been a pleasure. Here’s to the future.’ 


bhavini goyate is the outgoing administrator of tiata fahodzi. 

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