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guest post: 10 top tips for aspiring DJs/ tash lc

We asked tash lc, the featured dj in our summer 2019 production trying to find me, for some advice for aspiring creatives who are thinking about becoming a dj.

  • Practice as much as possible, stay late in a studio if you can and make the most out of the time available to you.
  • Record yourself! It can be horrible listening back to a mix you aren’t happy with but it’s a great way to learn and improve.
  • Listen to other DJ’s you admire and go and see them live whenever possible, don’t stay behind the decks all night but do have a little look at how they mix and pick up key tips.
  • Take as many gig opportunities as you can at first, but also learn to know your worth and don’t be afraid to ask for a higher fee as you become more experienced.
  • Prepare! If you’re using CDJ’s, utilise Rekordbox as much as possible to prep your set. There’s loads of incredible features on there including cue setting which is super handy for tracks that have long intros.
  • Think about starting a night and/or radio show. It’s a great way to get more exposure and cement yourself as a tastemaker in your field.
  • Don’t be disheartened by a warmup set! We all know it feels like its not the most exciting slot but also remember you’re setting the pace for the rest of the night so set the vibe right, whether it’s to 2 or 200 people.
  • Always be on the lookout for new music. Get yourself on promo lists and shoutout artists that you rate and play, they’ll massively appreciate the love and appreciation.
  • Read the crowd. People’s attention spans are TINY. If you go too hard or too gentle at the wrong time you’ll lose your crowd so try and be wary of what people are feeling and try to run with that kinda sound for a while.
  • Enjoy yourself and relax! Clangs or no clangs, mistakes are natural and you should love what you do regardless (plus no one really notices) 

tash lc is a  DJ, host and presenter across both radio and club mediums. You can find her on the radio on Worldwide FM, balancing afro-jazz and highlife broadcasts with more up-tempo meetings of Kuduro, Gqom, and esoteric club sounds. With the backing of some of dance music’s most influential institutions and an effortless ability to command a dance floor, Tash is quickly becoming one of the UK’s most exciting new talents.

twitter: @DJTashLC | instagram: @tashlc | facebook: @DJTashLC

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