charlene james and natalie ibu q&a with RADA

  The creative team behind bricks and pieces – award-winning writer Charlene James and tiata fahodzi Artistic Director Natalie Ibu – both joined RADA for #bricksqanda, a twitter question and answer session about about the new show.   RADA: Hi Charlene and Natalie. To start with, tell us what can audiences expect from bricks and pieces?charlene james: Geeks, grief, heroines and Lego.natalie ibu: bricks and pieces is a delicate, funny, […]

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guest post: actor david jonsson on his role in bricks and pieces

Rehearsals for bricks and pieces have been brilliant. It’s been a process of constant digging and leaving no stone unturned. We work 6-day weeks, and things are constantly changing. From the feel or journey of a scene, to Charlene giving us new drafts, re-writes and tweeks; we’re certainly all being kept on our toes! Our […]

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press: i know all the secrets interviews

  This week London The Lowry Blog Inter:Mission The Stage CALM  

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