guest blog: “did they want an ‘erykah badu’ or a ‘thandie newton’ type of black?” – a conversation with babirye bukilwa / jesse bernard

“When you watch babirye bukilwa on stage, she brings an immense amount of passion, purpose and creative detail to whatever role she plays. It shines in other areas of her creative work, such as her poetry that can be found in Sista! An anthology of writing by queer women of African and Caribbean descent. One […]

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guest blog: anastasia’s first week

It’s Anastasia’s first week as Trainee Artistic Director at tiata fahodzi and she reflects on her jam-packed week – from assisting on shows to attending other shows for the company, it’s been a thrilling experience already – and it’s only just begun.  “A whirlwind of information, a new bubbly arty environment, a lovely step up into […]

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guest blog: Black Artists Are Bossing Edinburgh Fringe and Nobody Should Be Surprised About It – We Told You So / Tobi Kyeremateng

“So, Black artists can make great work, get great reviews and sell out shows. Who knew?!   Yes, it is yet another ‘Edinburgh-Festival-Fringe-sucks-at-diversity-for-yet-another-year-and-to-be-honest-it’s-just-getting-really-ridiculous-now-but-also-y’all-need-to-hear-a-few-home-truths.docx’ article, but before we get into all that, I’m going to start on a C-major chord.   This is my fourth year at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and I have to say, […]

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