What is the cost of a typical night out?

An ex-serviceman who has spent his life fighting for his country finds new battles in a society fighting against him.

From the makers of 2018 hit Queens of Sheba comes this powerful new play by Ryan Calais Cameron confronting the daily tensions experienced by Black men as they negotiate life, while constantly feeling like their own lives are on the line.

Typical uncovers the man and the humanity behind a tragic real-life story, challenging traditional conceptions of Black manhood and highlighting the crisis of identity consuming Britain today.

Nouveau Riche in association with Soho Theatre, HOME Manchester supported by Talawa and tiata fahodzi present a new play by Ryan Calais Cameron, directed by our outgoing Trainee Artistic Director Anastasia Osei-Kuffour and starring Richard Blackwood.


Cast & Creative

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Ava Andrews-Quijano Ava Andrews-Quijano @avaveronica

@CBSBigBrother They are working hard and fast to get the minorities and outcasts out of the house. #typicalhttps://t.co/hwglWJpaZl

19 hours ago
EnoughIsEnough EnoughIsEnough @EnoughI55595366

@SenKamalaHarris Another hate hoax perpetrated by the party of haters hoping to distract attention away from the ha… https://t.co/8TnptdXZX6

20 hours ago
Amanda Bell Amanda Bell @NairneCat

Looks like it will be me in the tipi….the cats apparently prefer taking over my entire bed 🐈😅🛏🐈⛺ #cstnap #… https://t.co/IGRqwdLlcn

20 hours ago
Kieran O Malley Kieran O Malley @GalwayPlayer

Can’t believe Instagram are hiding likes just as I hit 10k likes on a post #typical

22 hours ago
Alison Burton Alison Burton @Alifitness91

So I’m off today and awake much earlier than I need to be #typical

24 hours ago
Ronak Parekh Ronak Parekh @amigooner

Aubameyang was brilliant except for a sitter he missed #typical

1 day ago
billy budd billy budd @billybudd16

@SpeakerPelosi @realDonaldTrump is adding millions of jobs and the dems try to take them away. #Typical

1 day ago

@SharpestJim Yeah, when the squall came over the mountains here in split in 2 pieces (as it often does). The northe… https://t.co/kDsu9MMiOf

1 day ago
Kelly Stant Kelly Stant @Teeny310

I purposely avoided taking annual leave on 5th August so I could update schedules so of course the Government annou… https://t.co/S6F9K9TkRY

4 days ago
michael hill michael hill @MMhill70

@AlanBiggs1 Had the chance to play there a few years ago but my son was in a cup final so didn’t make it. He got a… https://t.co/Um5ufhpve7

4 days ago
J316 J316 @skol2018

@duresport @_LostSon_ @obianuju Nice try. Just be a good little Christian, but don’t upset our agenda. Of course you’re from NOVA. #typical

4 days ago
Felice Linda Felice Linda @PhyllisCobianc1

@BreitbartNews @RepTedLieu @CNN
Ted Lieu D-CA, reflects th disrespectful anti American attitude of th pro ILLEGAL… https://t.co/aOPmKRWOHg

4 days ago
Nouveau Riche Nouveau Riche @infonvrch

#Repost Images re: @RB_Official (Instagram Account)

The Dreamteam back at the hardwork today!!

🎟️Ticket… https://t.co/z67PdRGbOX

4 days ago
TrashPanda TrashPanda @DoNotPetMyDog

A tribute: I don’t care. Do you? #typical
Couple throws “MAGA” wedding https://t.co/PABczVHBng

4 days ago
Nouveau Riche Nouveau Riche @infonvrch

Huge congratulations to our Artistic Director (and #TYPICAL playwriter!) Ryan Calais Cameron for winning the… https://t.co/3IokVnHrcu

4 days ago
A Musician Dreaming A Musician Dreaming @Musical_Prayer

Just FYI… speaking personal opinions about political issues when asked is not the same as and does not warrant pe… https://t.co/j6hRynivjd

4 days ago
chelsey leigh oxley chelsey leigh oxley @chelskileigh

First time ive really really wanted to go out and no baby sitter for a few hour 😩 #typical

4 days ago
Ayexhah Ayexhah @Ayexhah

@Engr_HafizUmer Oh hello excuse me. Mai jo b hun jesi b hun I haven’t ever done a single vulgar tweet jo log aky mu… https://t.co/SMujhcrd5m

7 days ago
KB Strong 2019 KB Strong 2019 @kb_strong_2019

People like this should be banned for life from social media.
This was completely inappropriate for someone to say.… https://t.co/LYttqpO2DJ

7 days ago

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