What is the cost of a typical night out?

An ex-serviceman who has spent his life fighting for his country finds new battles in a society fighting against him.

From the makers of 2018 hit Queens of Sheba comes this powerful new play by Ryan Calais Cameron confronting the daily tensions experienced by Black men as they negotiate life, while constantly feeling like their own lives are on the line.

Typical uncovers the man and the humanity behind a tragic real-life story, challenging traditional conceptions of Black manhood and highlighting the crisis of identity consuming Britain today.

Nouveau Riche in association with Soho Theatre, HOME Manchester supported by Talawa and tiata fahodzi present a new play by Ryan Calais Cameron, directed by our outgoing Trainee Artistic Director Anastasia Osei-Kuffour and starring Richard Blackwood.


Cast & Creative

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katie katie @ktstainsby

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beige betty beige betty @soyyellajoy

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2 days ago

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