guest post: new season, new admin / ike denloye

This month ike denloye joined #tfhq as the administrator. After he first month she  reflects on her first few weeks with us.

“If you’ve had any general contact with the company over the last month, chances are you’ve been speaking to me so let me introduce myself properly. I’m Ike Denloye a doe eyed eager graduate and the company’s new administrator. Like many other African creatives, I went to university do a completely uncreative and overly theoretical communications degree and then found myself wondering what’s next? After various internships and odd job – from customer service to interning at Pride magazine – I find myself here at tiata fahodzi, my new home.

When applying I got those knots in my stomach you get when you really want something; I was so tired of applications. This one seemed to be perfect – I would get to work in theatre and to champion stories about people of colour. When I arrived for my interview my future boss had natural hair, was wearing jeans and was blasting Childish Gambino – I’d found my tribe. We spent the interview talking about our experiences as creatives, our hopes for the future of the arts and the impact of Black Panther. It was, hands down, the most comfortable interview ever and they offered me the position that week!

I expected to make mistakes, of course, and run into a few problems here and there but ultimately be alright. I hoped to be the bubbling hub of tfhq, getting through my work and be a great help to everyone but leading up to my first day I was nothing but nerves. I kept doubting my abilities and whether the job was as great as I made it out to be. I mean, I know I’m not dumb and I had worked in offices before but that was as an intern, experiences meant for learning – with the excuse I was fresh from uni to fall back on. I had never had this much responsibility, let alone be the hub!

My first day was very typical: office tour, handover notes and health and safety briefing but one thing I didn’t expect was to be taken to lunch. My colleagues instantly made me feel welcome and we spoke about everything from Hamilton to horseback riding. 

As for the role, there was a lot of learning involved which means constant mistakes – can you believe I nearly got locked out of the office one morning? LOL. This worried me at first – would they regret their choice or would I regret mine? But, with every passing mistake – after profusely apologizing – came a lesson that slowly pushed me to be better. It’s only only week three but I know I’ve found a home at tfhq.”



ike denloye is the new administrator.

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