guest blog: time to say goodbye / tasha msanide

Hello from tfhq. I’ve been interning with tiata fahodzi as their administrative assistant for the last three months. Today (4th April) is my last day with the company. I can’t believe how fast my time here has gone. I’ve learnt so much in such a short time, and I’m ever so grateful for the opportunity tiata fahodzi and Creative Access have given me.

I joined the fahodzi family as they were preparing for their biggest national tour of i know all the secrets in my world which was performed at 12 venues across the country. I was thrown right into the action on my first day, where i was sitting in on meetings at West Herts College – the first venue of the tour – as well as the first production meeting for the show.

While my prior experience in theatre was mostly through performance, I have always had an interest in the producing side of theatre, and how theatre works and how everything comes together behind the scenes, and this internship has been the perfect opportunity to learn all about it. I loved getting involved with the rehearsal process, and offering help to the production team with whatever was needed, whether it was collecting something from the printers round the corner, running around London looking for specific red napkin or filling in for the actors during the first technical rehearsal.

One of my first major tasks was to assist with the press night preparations. My baby was to keep on top of the guest list, as well as setting up on the day. It was a really fun night and it was nice to put faces to names that I had been emailing back and forth.

A lot of learning throughout my internship has come from outside of work as well as during work hours. With my background being in Musical Theatre I have been exposed to theatre which extends beyond that, and I have met many people who have helped to influence decisions about where I would like my career to go. 

Working at tfhq has been a really valuable experience and I’ve loved working here. In the space of three months I have helped to produce a show as well as learned a lot about how a touring theatre company works. While looking for the next steps after my internship I had an interview for a theatre in London. While I didn’t get the job, I did get to the final stages of the interviews which for me is a great achievement at the early stages of my career. I’m ready for whatever is to come. 

For the next few months I plan to get more experience working with theatres, and I’ll be going to Latitude with tiata fahodzi in July to assist them with their summer play before returning to university in October to get my masters in Musical Theatre where I will specialise in Producing.


I just want to say a massive thank you to Natalie and Alison for being a wonderful team to work with, for putting up with my craziness and for just being the nicest people who have helped me with the start of my career in theatre. :)

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