our next show, a call-out, and a new member of the team

The weather might not be able to make up its mind between torrential rain and blazing sunshine, but here at tfhq we have a lot to feel sunny about.

Firstly, tiata fahodzi has added a new member of the team – me. My name is Bridget Minamore, I’m a writer, poet and journalist who is passionate about theatre, and I’m also tiata fahodzi’s new Digital Officer. My role is essentially going to be helping tfhq make the most of its digital presence, so expect to see a lot more from us over the coming months. We’ll be blogging here every week, starting dialogue on Facebook and Twitter, giving an insight to our rehearsal process on Instagram and YouTube, adding to our boards on Pintrest, and starting a Tumblr to collect all the great things we see and want to share. Be sure to follow us across our platforms, and keep an eye out for conversations to get involved with.

As we hinted at on Twitter, we’re also very excited about something else: we’re doing a call out for artists from the African diaspora in Britain. Here at tfhq we’ve been thinking a lot about how we could help to showcase some of the best British African talent, and as Brtain’s leading African theatre company, we know our platform doesn’t end with the stage. One of the main ways we want to connect with our audience is to give artists the opportunity to connect with one another, as well as spread the word about what type of talent we have to offer. We meet so many brilliant creators, and think it would be great to ask them a few questions, hear what they have to say, and share links to their work. The arts are a labour of love, and we want to help and spread the word to as many people as possible. So, if you’re a British African artist (of any kind) and would like to write a guest blog, be interviewed, or generally connect with the tiata fahodzi audience, send an email over to digital@tiatafahodzi.com and I will get back to you.

In other great news, we’re very excited about our next show: bricks and pieces by award-winning writer Charlene James, with actors training at the famous Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Our Artistic Director Natalie is in rehearsals with the great cast and crew at the moment, and tickets are available now for our 24 May-04 Jun run. We’re also looking forward to the bricks and pieces showing at Latitude Festival on 15 July.  Tickets are also available now, and you don’t want to miss out: last year, our rammed performance of i know all the secrets in our world had crowds queuing up outside the venue just to catch a peek. We hope to see you there. 

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