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press/ blog reviews 

“A carefully crafted, physically rich piece…” – The Stage 

“A moving, near-wordless meditation on grief…” – There Ought to be Clowns

“Lovingly crafted and tenderly performed.” – London Theatre 1

“Careful construction and committed performances…” – The Reviews Hub

“A truly powerful piece of theatre that drowns you in love and loneliness whilst somehow allowing you to leave feeling cleansed and grateful for those you have around you.” – A Younger Theatre

The play powerfully shows the heartbreak without using any words.” – From Page to Stage 

“it takes a very good writer to be able to convey that sense of the dramatic in a script, it takes two actors of outstanding aptitude to perform the sequences at hand.” – Liverpool Sound and Vision

“Never have I seen such raw emotions portrayed – either with words or without. Solomon Israel (father) and Samuel Nichols (son) completely took my breath away.” – Nerve

Natalie Ibu’s thoughtful direction enhances the audience’s connection to the story. – tattssounds

The physical and mental stamina of the actors, not to mention their skilled movements (Nicholas and his impressive core strength in particular) are to be applauded.” – Tolitasmusings 

The actors worked well together conveying inner pain and confusion. The direction conjures thoughts on communication, the limitations of words, the inability to communicate and how we seek comfort.” – Afridiziak  


social media

“Utterly stunning performance from @tiatafahodzi – very few dry eyes in the house. #tiataiknow is a masterpiece. Well done to all!” –@KerryPoppins   

“Sharp profound moving portrayal of loss deeply felt” –@VicLlewellyn

“Amazing night thank you! What a privilege to watch such an inspiring piece of theatre.” –@BanovallumDrama

“Compelling, intense and moving performance from the incredible @SB_Nich and @_SolomonIsrael of @tiatafahodzi @BristolOldVic #PhysicalTheatre” –@PaulDazeley

“Beautiful moving performance @unitytheatre with @tiatafahodzi theatre company with The Spider Players @SpiderWirral [love] live theatre I do x” –@sundaygirl73

I came to the performance in Salisbury and wanted to say how loss deeply effects us all but to capture this in sound and movement is, I believe, it’s only true expression. I am a dance movement Psychotherapist and know how the body speaks when there are no words. Thank you” -Gabrielle Reilly

“Absolutely amazing show tonight! Moved to tears. Thank you” -Mel Ryan

 “Heart warming, heart breaking and a truly inspiring piece of theatre.” -Chris Hawley


audience feedback

 “Provoking – how each of has to deal with loss sometime. Comforting – to witness the actions of the actors and the thinking of the writer.  Synchronised – the near balletic movements of the actors around the set and their athletic use of everyday props”

The intensity of the emotion is held wonderfully in the small intimate Salzberg theatre. I’ve never been a groupy but I would travel to watch these amazing actors”

“Unsettling; devastating; touching. Highly innovative and real. Loved the set, the lighting, the direction and above all the acting. The young boys eyes as he held out the third placemat; haunting!”


i know in 3 words… 

“Heart-warming, heart-breaking and truly inspiring.”

“Cool, Imaginative, Fresh.”

“Stimulating, Original, Contemplating.”

 “Emotional, Ordinary, Amazing.”

“Poetic, moving, poignant.”

“Powerful, creative, energetic.”

“Beautiful, revealing, touching.”

“Insightful, clever, thoughtful.”

“Saddest play ever.”

“Engaging, challenging, beautiful.”

“Incredible, overwhelming, powerful.”

“No words needed.”

“Beautiful, transfixing, different.”

“Very real, energetic.”

“Interesting, creative, artistic.”

“Excellent, emotional, humorous.”

“Heart-breaking, vibrant, joyful.”

“Compelling, absorbing, powerful.”

“Passionate, tender, emotive.”

“Raw, rhythmic, revealing.”


what you liked most…

“The explanation of grief without words.”

“Expressive flow of movement.”

“When words used- so touching.”

“How accurate a portrayal of grief this was.”

“How body language was beautifully used to portray the emotional world of the characters.”

“Turning life into dance and finding grace in the minute.”

“The true performance from the two actors- felt every movement.”

“How body language was beautifully used to portray the emotional world of the characters.”

“The raw moving quality, it was so honest.”

“The thought that actions really do speak louder than words.”

“When father and son come to terms with their bereavement.”

“That it was an intimate, masculine portrayal of father and son’s reacting to mum’s death.”

“The excellent portrayal of different approaches to grief.”

“The actions were fluid and sounds atmospheric.”

“The fathers attempts to recreate his wife in the bedroom.”

“Great use of dance, sound, great acting. Liked that there wasn’t much talking.”

“The insistence of keeping us suspected in their grief.”

“Physicality the simple gestures, little every day things.”

“The brutal honesty of the whole thing.”

“The drama and reality of it.”

“The small amount of dialogue and how feelings are portrayed through acting.”

“How cleverly made it was.”

“Physical theatre and beauty of the relationship. The intensity. The intimacy.”








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