“‘Where are you from?’ – you’d get no single answer from a single smiling dancer. This one lives in London but was raised in Toronto and born in Accra; that one works in Lagos but grew up in Houston, Texas. ‘Home’ for this lot is many things: where their parents are from; where they go for vacation; where they went to school; where they see old friends; where they live (or live this year). Like so many African young people working and living in cities around the globe, they belong to no single geography, but feel at home in many.” Taiye Selasi 


At tiata fahodzi, our mission is to illuminate the mixed, multiple experiences of the African diaspora in Britain today. This November Artistic Director Natalie – with a little help from Taiye Selasi and the British Council and Arts Council’s Artists’ International Development Fund – took this mission with her to five cities and three countries. She spent four weeks connecting with African diaspora artists and non-artists in conversation over coffee(s) thinking about personal geography, what it means to be of the African diaspora, where is home, can a diaspora ever feel settled, what does local/global mean, is a fearless approach to boundaries and mobile concept of home particular to the diaspora and the legacy of immigrant parents? 


week 1: Oslo
week 2: Johannesburg 
week 3: Baltimore 
week 4: Los Angeles, New York
the storify of tweets and grams  


the diaspora


Natalie isn’t able to meet everyone, so if you’re African diaspora, we have some questions for you. (If not, pass it on to a friend)


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