belong is an original tiata fahodzi commission from Bola Agbaje, an award-winning rising star of UK new writing.

‘Supporters keh. Forget this country. How many year have you lived here?… Your English is better than the Queen’s and they still call you…’

Election lost, speeches made and controversy stirred – Kayode’s hiding. He’s not even answering the door to the cleaner, and Rita is not going to start getting out the Hoover in her designer heels. Escaping the political heat in London, he flees to Nigeria – a British MP and a self-made man. Once there, he gets caught up in a whole new power game.

Bola Agbaje’s new play questions our notion of home.

tiata fahodzi in co-production with the Royal Court.



26 april – 26 may / Royal Court, Jerwood Theatre Upstairs

31 may – 23 june / Royal Court, Theatre Local (Bussey Building, Peckham)


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The Times

/ The Times

“Tiata Fahodzi, the British-African company with its new artistic director Lucian Msamati in the leading role, bring to the Royal Court Upstairs a funny, honest and bitingly dark play by Bola Agbaje. Her last one (Gone Too Far) transferred downstairs and sold out. So should this. Not a dull moment or an unintelligent line: and coming of a Nigerian family, Agbaje can drill into psychological, moral and political dilemmas which make many white ones seems positively bloodless, in every sense.”

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