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Black Earth: Resistance, Anti-Racism and the Environment
A project about climate justice, community and joy. 

Black Earth: Resistance, Anti-Racism and the Environment is a research project encompassing workshops, nature walks, artist commissions and Green Care Packages for members of the local communities in Watford and the South East, and the Bristol and Bath regions. 

This project explored the mental health impacts specific to Black British, African heritage and other Global Majority people as well as the how creative resistance can play part in how we respond. 

Black Earth: Resistance, Anti-Racism and the Environment began with an open Town Hall meeting Tuesday 31 May 2022 facilitated by Samia Dumbaya and Selina Nwulu and live illustrated by Jasmine Thompson in order to gather a local and community-based steer on the project. 

Based on these discussions, we held follow up workshops led by Zakiya McKenzie and Kaysha Provost with community members in Bristol exploring three main themes identified during the Town Hall:

  • What does "climate justice" mean to us?

  • Exploring our relationship with guilt and mental health

  • Actions of creative resistance

The outcomes and discussions from these workshops guided us when creating the Green Care Packages in partnership with Community Apothecary and the afrofuturists apothecary

We have made the Black Earth: Green Care Package available in PDF Format.

We hope the learnings from this booklet can help guide communities and arts organisations in how to create space and joy for people of colour when discussing, learning and organising for climate justice. 

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