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Debo Adebayo


Debo Adebayo_edited.jpg

Debo is the Lead Producer for Tamasha Theatre Company. Previous to Tamasha he was the Communications Director at Tangle Theatre Company as well as working with Nitrobeat, Talawa, Utopia Theatre and Collective Artistes.  He is also the founder of Mix ‘n’ Sync – a music publishing and supervision company whose clients include WWF and Channel 4.

Theatre credits include: UNDER THE MASK by Shaan Sahota (2021), We Are Shadows (2020), Approaching Empty by Ishy Din (2019), Does My Bomb Look Big In This? by Nyla Levy (2019), I Wanna Be Yours? by Zia Ahmed (2019) (all for Tamasha), I Stand Corrected (producer and music designer, Oval House/London, 2012, Artscape/Cape Town, 2012), Muhammad Ali And Me (producer and music designer, Oval House/London 2008, Albany/London, 2016), Moj Of The Antarctic (Assistant Composer, Oval House/London 2008, British Council Tour of Africa, 2008, Lyric Hammersmith/London, 2007). For TV: Invisible (Music Supervisor, Random Acts, Channel 4, 2012).

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