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Freelance Producer
Marcus Bernard, Freelance Producer. Marcus has dark hair, glasses and a beard. He wears a black tshirt with the image of a hand holding a red key. He looks to his left and laughs.

Marcus is a producer and playwright from London and the Founder and Artistic Director of The Upsetters, an emerging theatre company which works predominantly with artists of colour to address the under-representation and misrepresentation of people of colour on and off the stage.

Marcus has produced sold-out shows at the Bunker Theatre, Free Word Centre and VAULT Festival. He founded TAKEOVER FESTIVAL, an annual week-long touring festival which is dedicated to championing local artists of colour.

His work focuses on bringing new people into theatre by championing accessible performances as well as offering Earn and Learn Workshops where attendees are paid to cover loss of earning. His passion lies in engaging people who might not otherwise consider the theatre to be for them.

Alongside, his work with The Upsetters, Marcus is also the producer for the Mortified London live show. Mortified revolves around people sharing the embarrassing artifacts they created as teenagers: diaries, poetry, novels etc. In the process, they reveal stories about their lives. It’s a podcast, a Netflix documentary, a six-part Netflix series and there are live chapters in 21 cities worldwide.

As a playwright, he has had work performed at the Royal Court Theatre, Young Vic Theatre, Theatre503, Space Arts Centre, Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Drayton Arms Theatre, and the White Bear Theatre. He is an alumnae of the Soho Theatre Writers Lab and a current member of the Soho Writers Alumni Group.


Before starting a career in theatre, Marcus was the Director of Operations, EMEA for one of the global leading hotel technology companies..

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